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  • Image of pure beeswax blocks

pure beeswax blocks


100% raw beeswax cleaned and strained from recycled honey comb panels that were extracted ( in a non toxic and chemical free way ) from homes who have been targeted by wild bee swarms in Half Moon Bay, CA.

naturally scented by our sweet bee friends!

Feeling crafty? These cute little beeswax blocks are perfect for making lotion bars, soaps, lip balms, and more!

They're ready to use for any at home project needing a little touch of beeswax.

Here's a super easy recipe for healing ointment (for eczema or psoriasis):

beeswax (20%)
coconut oil (78.5%)
big pinch of calendula petals
1 g of lavender or chamomile essential oil
2 g of vitamin E

melt the beeswax and coconut oil together first,
add calendula leaves once everything is melted
and vitamin E and essential oils (If desired)
Stir until everything is melted, strain the petals and pour into tin or glass containers. If you use plastic containers make sure the mixture isn't too hot before pouring into jars, as they could deform with too much heat
and let cool down over night
Homemade skin healing ointment :)

This recipe makes enough to fill approximately four 2 ounce containers.